9 responses to “A Packers Superbowl Spring”

  1. Nicole Wetzel

    People used to give me Packers and Bears clothing for my twins to wear. Here is what became of that! http://fivepennynicole.com/?p=255

  2. Allison

    Nicole this was wonderful. After all these years I never knew this about you. It truly is a time of connection in our family. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Nadine


    Thanks for reminding me that I too must be a Packer fan then. When put in the context of family and togetherness and memories and tradition, then even I can say “Go Pack Go!” What a beautiful tribute to all of us and some of the glue that holds us together.

  4. Andrew Wetzel

    Football: how #Packers fans make it through the winter without hibernating http://bit.ly/g0ELrG

  5. Nicole Wetzel

    RT @CircleReader: Football: how #Packers fans make it through the winter without hibernating http://bit.ly/g0ELrG

  6. Andrew

    Not too bad. I remember the game in the hospital. The Packers put a serious hurting on the Vikings 38-0. A good stress free game to watch if are having upcoming heart surgery. I also remember the Packers vs 49er game. Although it was one year premature to the Super Bowl run, the Packers had beaten one of the greatest teams of the 90’s and established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the NFC. They went on to lose to the Cowboys in a see saw battle that had 8 lead changes. All of a sudden a new team had emerged in a decade that had witnessed the 49ers and Cowboys trade Super bowl appearances in which they would route their AFC opponent. I have had friends give me a hard time that I only visit WI in the fall and somehow squeeze in a Packer game.

  7. Kelly Skelly

    Very fine post Nicole…love the puffy jacket my brother is sporting in the photo. I can vividly remember rolling my eyes as a youngin at the fact that Nathan and dad got to go to the Packers game with the other male cousins and uncles when we were in town from GA…good for them to have togetherness and to bundle up with hot packs in their shoes…I, on the other hand would have loved to see Lambeau Field in the cold weather… I guess I was happy enough to hang out with my precious aunts and female cousins and take trips to shopco together…and chit chat!!! I miss you all so much – funny I was on remax the other day just poking around to see what houses run for in the Appleton – Menasha area – you know just in case we ever uproot the little Skelly family and come back to the land of my birth!!! You never know – EHH!!! Anyways we’re countin’ down the days until we get to come this summer….little Liam will be nearly 1 by then- SHEW – life is so short and we have so little time to make memories together!!!

  8. Meredith Soyster

    Great writing Nicole ~ really enjoyed it. – Love, Meredith

  9. Barb Knuth

    Nicole, your mom sent this link to me. That was so fun to read. I have enjoyed all the times that I have spent with your family and it was great to ‘peek ‘ inside your family traditions. God Bless! Barb

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