4 responses to “Solving the world’s problems”

  1. Never Underestimate the Mom

    […] One of the things I love about Nicole is her periodic flashes of cheeky brilliance. […]

  2. kirsten


  3. Renae

    I have been watching my kids and other people’s kids often during conversations I would like to participate in. I have felt sorry for myself on occasion too, but you are so right. I have lots of years left to solve the world’s problems. I’ll do it after my kids are raised. (Or at night after they are in bed on this computer.) 😉

    Thanks for sharing your good perspective!

  4. A Serving of Shakespeare, Please! | Life Nurturing Education

    […] Nicole Wetzel homeschools five children in Wisconsin. She captures snapshots of her life at Five Penny Nicole. Please head over for a visit. I think she would enjoy the conversation, since she missed this one. […]

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