World Series…Sweep?

Yes I am well aware that the World Series is not for two months yet, but honestly it was the first thing that came to my mind when Naomi woke up with the “pink eye” goop in her eyes this morning, following her father and two of her brothers. Over the course of one short week, she made the fourth case. In the contest of Staphylococcus annoyinnus vs. the Wetzel family, the bacteria had just won four out of seven.

Perhaps then Alex, Gwenna and I will not get this monstrous disease. Well Andy looked like a monster when PINK EYE suddenly hit our family last Saturday. I have wiped all the door knobs that I can think of, and we are using so much hand sanitizer the our food tastes a bit like…who knows? But is not a normal food taste. Even Alex and I are putting drops in our eyes to ward off this beast. But are we just holding off the inevitable? I really don’t know. I pray that our little Gwenna does not have to go through this. It is hard enough to get the drops in Naomi’s eyes, I can’t imagine in Gwenna’s.

I am wondering where else in my life to I try to hold off the inevitable. Eventually, I will have to get a dress for my brother’s wedding even though I will not be nearly as trim as I would like. Trim? Who am I kidding? I just had a baby 10 weeks ago.

Eventually, we will have to have “THE TALK” with Alex and Joseph. But are they ready? Are we ready? Not just for the talk part but to be the parents of two young boys heading into adolescence?

Eventually, my mother-in-law will no longer be able to drive and we wonder how we will best be able to help her in this transition.

I am sure that there are other inevitables in my life, but I don’t always want to get the hand sanitizer out every time. Living a life without change and transition would be boring. And I just can’t be cautious about everything that we will encounter in life. Though, I hope that when there are inevitables that I handle each one with grace and courage. My prayer is that I will teach that lesson to my children as well.

But for now I hope that hand sanitizer will work for us in keeping pink eye at bay. And that eventually, the Cubs will win a World Series.

A Christmas Album

One holiday, many years.

No Memory

Last night Andy replaced the computer chip in our camera. We had been without one for an entire week, when our usual habit is to grab it off the shelf whenever the mood strikes, and snap away. Andy says that somehow the old one ended up in the Bermuda Triangle. I think it was an early senior moment, or perhaps the sleep-deprived, postpartum forgetfulness which happens both to men and women.

Over the last week there were so many times when I said, “Oh I wish we could find the chip for our camera….” Gwenna made her first trip to the beach, Charles marched in his first parade as a Cub Scout, and Gwenna had her first bath since her cord fell off. It was only a week but we did miss some of those firsts. I am sure we can capture other beach trips and parades. They won’t be first time events, but they will still hold wonderful memories and stories.

What is sad is that we also were not able to capture the everyday events, the ones that are just the fabric of life: the boys reading to each other and to Naomi. Gwenna all in pink snuggled up and sleeping on her daddy’s chest while he in his pink shirt slept as well. It is the fleeting memory and no pictures of these events that I mourn. Could I have captured the precious moments with just words? I am not sure. Some of it, certainly; but the pictures are also part of the truth of how it was. How can I get the whole story, words and pictures both? How do I look for memories in the everyday?

When Naomi was a baby and experiencing many of her firsts I would quickly jot down the experience on a card. Of course many of these events are accompanied with pictures. But more and more I am longing to get the story behind today, as it happens. There are events that I don’t want to loose, phrases I want to cherish long after they have been said. I don’t want to forget that Charles called the cheeks on his back end his “muffaloes.” When Alex has children someday, I want to tell him that he wanted to know early what his sisters’ names where, so that he could say good night to them by name before they were born. I want to be able to relive with Joseph one of his B.O.F. (Brain on Fire with ideas) moments. I want to share with Naomi how sincere and solemn she was when she was able to ask for “Chok-at, peez!” And our Gwenna loved her first bath in the hospital and continues to enjoy them here at home.

Treasures Journal JarI guess that I need to become more disciplined in grabbing these every day moments. Here’s how: Remember those cards? They are photo-safe and ready to put in an album. They need to be in easy reach, as our camera is easy to reach on it’s perch in the kitchen, to encourage my family to celebrate not only the firsts but also the everyday moments in our life. So now we have a Treasures Journal Jar, sitting in easy reach in the kitchen. I (and other family members, too!) can grab a card at any time and jot down our notes on the everyday. When I sit down later to assemble an album page, the words will be there.

Here’s to the memories!

Little Blessing

Our long-expected little blessing is here! Gwendolyn Grace Wetzel was born at 7:10 p.m. on June 18, 2007, the day after Father’s Day. She measured 21 and a quarter inches long, and weighed 8 pounds, 10 and a half ounces. Her brothers were gyrating with excitement and wonder, and her sister just wants to hold, hug, and pet her. Mom & Dad are smitten as well.

Thank you to all of our friends and family who supported us through bed-rest (and life!) in uncountable ways both physical and spiritual; you embody God’s grace and blessing for us. Here are a few pictures to start out–more will be coming soon!


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Gwendolyn’s Baby Album – Ultrasound
Gwendolyn’s Baby Album Ultrasound Detail
Gwendolyn’s Baby Album – June
Gwendolyn’s Baby Album – June Detail
Mom Before
Baby Gwendolyn Grace

Hi, Gwenna!
Beautiful Feet
We can’t believe she’s here!
We love our sister!
First Bath
The Happy Bambinos
Hug & Kiss!
Daddy’s Girls
Mother & Daughters

Memories around the table

About a year and a half ago we got my grandma’s kitchen table. It’s not really an old table. It does not have my mom’s name etched in it from years of homework. I don’t think Christmas cookies were ever decorated around it; I’m not even sure how many guests it hosted. My Grandma and Grandpa bought the table when they moved from their home into an apartment. I got the table after grandma had had a stroke and was breaking up her apartment to go and live with her children.? Continue reading “Memories around the table”

My First Page

One very bitter cold day in January of 1996, armed with my class gift certificate, a large cup of tea, several pictures from Christmas 1995, and a friend as a companion I made may way to Stickney, Illinois to attend my first scrapbook class.? Continue reading “My First Page”

The Day It All Began

Thirteen years ago I received a scrapbook page in the mail. Included with this page were a pen, little double-sided sticky things to mount a picture, and instructions as to what to do with this unique parcel.? ? Continue reading “The Day It All Began”